About Eco-operation

Ecooperation is a network of national structures and festivals of outdoor theatre and circus in Europe. The aim is to connect organisers with organisers in order to stimulate more sustainable touring of artists.
- Reduce CO2 emissions.
- Save travel budget.
- Book artists from far away for low travel cost.
- Find that brilliant artist passing your town on the road in Europe.

Quickly find the colleagues that organises an event in the period before or after your own event, around the corner or just across the border. Send an Ecooperation email request to your colleague(s) through the platform. Share travelling shows.

Functionallity of the platform is only available for organisers. Subscribtion of organisers is moderated by the respective national associations. The Ecooperation platform is not accessible for artists and agents. Artists are stimulated to ask the festival where they are booked to use the Ecooperation platform in order to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce travel cost and make touring more efficient and sustainable.

No personal data will be published nor will any personal data be visible online. The Ecooperation.net platform follows the EU GDPR rules.

The national structures assure membership of their members. Festivals outside the national structures can join for €30,- per year, get full access, reduce CO2 emissions and profit from possibly considerable cost reductions. Use the Green Marketing Ecooperation logo in your program to show the sustainable Ecooperation effort you make.

Ecooperation is:
FNAS – Italy (free membership for Italian festivals)
OAP – Portugal (free membership for Portugese festivals)
VBFN – Netherlands (free membership for Dutch festivals)
OAUK – United Kingdom (free membership for UK festival)
FARS – Switzerland (free membership for Swiss festivals)
Invited structures:
ISACS - Ireland
Butiör – Germany
Arts de Carrer – Catalonia
Artekale – Basque country
Patea Calle – Spain
Circuscentrum – Belgium
Aires Libres - Belgium
Ometz – Israel

And still reaching out beyond…

The Ecooperation launch is financially supported by the national structures and lead partners

Kleines Fest Hannover (D), Entr’act (NL), Greenwich and Docklands Festival (UK), Passage Festival(DK), Spoffin Festival (NL), Mirabilia Festival (IT),

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